- Exclusive Vinyl -


  • Price: $59 (plus shipping)

  • Includes: The Way the Night Behaves Exclusive Hand-Cut Vinyl (not factory pressed, all tracks are etched into disk in real time)

  • Only 20 records will be made for this exclusive run (first pressing)

  • Active Patrons (those subscribing to Anna's Patreon Account)* will receive these additional benefits when ordering:

    • Back cover will be signed by Anna

    • A homemade CD of the album will be included, burned & signed by Anna

    • A handwritten thank-you note 

    • Certificate of Authenticity

*If you are interested in becoming a Patron, you can visit Anna's Patreon here.

The purpose of this form is to collect contact and shipping info, not payment. When vinyl is ready to ship, Anna will reach out directly with a shipping quote (based on your address) and a way to submit payment. 

Vinyl Pre-Order

**NOTE** Over 20 pre-orders have now been collected. Those who submit pre-orders will be placed sequentially on a waiting list. Those on the waiting list will have an opportunity to get one of the 20 exclusive records if someone in the first 20 pre-orders does not follow through with payment when vinyl is ready to ship. Waiting list submissions will be contacted in the order they submitted when looking to fill a vacated pre-order.

If enough fans continue to pre-order vinyl, a second run may be pressed.

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